A Very Delayed Update

I’m sure many of you have been waiting for this post on pins and needles.

So here is an update on how my 2-week vegan experiment is going… It’s not.

Day one started off pretty good (I started last Wednesday). I had a PB & J sandwich for lunch anda couple of pickle spears. For dinner, I made spaghetti with diced zucchini and tomato sauce (my sister teased me by adding Italian sausage to hers).

So on day 2 of my experiment I started off pretty well. For lunch I had left over pasta with zucchini, but decided to add some sliced black olives. I also had a salad with spring greens, cucumbers, and vegan croutons made from garbanzo beans. They look like dog food pebbles, but they tasted pretty good!

Dinner wasn’t as successful. I had a chicken quesadilla at Baltimore-fave Mexican cantina, Nacho Mama’s. My sister is doing her research on first-time home buying, and heard about a seminar on Maryland’s SmartBuy Program that was occurring near our house last Thursday. Since she had to teach barre class, and since I’m such a nice sister, I agreed to go to the seminar on her behalf. In exchange, she met me for dinner after the seminar- enter Nacho Mama’s.

Bless her heart, she knew I was doing this vegan experiment so while I was wrapping up the home-buying seminar, she walked the entire Canton Square neighborhood searching for vegan items on all the restaurants’ menus. I much appreciate her efforts. She settled on Nacho Mamas as they had veggie fajitas she thought would be vegan-friendly.

I had a pretty long day leading up to the seminar. Not that I work a whole lot or anything, but I am very very busy finishing my capstone project for grad school, and I’m currently getting geared up for the dance team to return/our upcoming trip to UDA Camp in Delaware. To be honest, I felt pretty drained going into the seminar. Shoutout to my Starbs for the boost- though I had to get almond milk in my cold brew instead of nonfat ~*~rolls eyes~*~. So by the time I was done, and walked into Nacho Mamas, I was just craving some good, ole Mexican comfort food. You can ask my sister, I tried to talk myself into eating the fajitas over and over again, but the quesadilla was just calling my name.

Since I’m a human being who makes mistakes and lacks self-control, I ordered the quesadilla. Ate the whole thing. And didn’t have a single regret.

By this point, I’m sure you’re judging me real hard for failing my experiment by day 2. And I’m there with you. After that day, I pretty much tossed vegan efforts out the window. I was at the ballpark all weekend being a supportive girlfriend, and as many of you sports people know, there are not many vegan options at a minor league baseball stadium.

So, I’ve done some thinking and reflection on my experiment thus far and have come up with the following conclusions:

  • I have terrible self-control and that is probably at the root of all my food-related problems.
  • I should have focused on vegetarian foods first, and then slowly incorporated vegan options- I think this was my biggest downfall. I tried to go from one pole to the other over night, and I didn’t really set myself for success in doing that.
  • I am going to continue to make a conscious effort to eat more plant-based foods
  • I skipped breakfast both days which upset me because I love breakfast, but just wasn’t craving vegan options so I decided to just not eat at all- I know, I know. Bad logic.

So in the end, all I’ve really done is disappoint myself. I mean the whole purpose of this experiment was really for myself anyway. I’m just an open person so I decided to share the experience with the internet. I hope I haven’t disappointed too many people who won’t even read this.

Anyway. I’ve had 2 of my 6 Daily Harvest smoothies and so far I like them a lot! I like the watermelon/cucumber one I had yesterday a bit more than the banana and greens one I had last week. I have a pretty old blender so it takes a loooooong time to get them to the right consistency. I suppose I could invest some $$ into a nutribullet or something fancy like that, but I’m real poor.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my epic failure of an experiment. Plz love me.




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