The Decision to Go Vegan

For as long as I can remember, I have been a lover of meats. I firmly believe that bacon is it’s own food group on the My Plate diagram from the government, and that if you don’t eat hot dogs at a baseball game, you’re a member of ISIS. I have consumed some sort of animal protein in every meal, and if you asked me a week ago to go Vegan I probz would have LOLed in your face.

But nonetheless, here you are reading my blog about my Vegan adventure. So why did I decide to do this? Well there’s a laundry list of reasons, but I will focus on 2 main ones.

The first reason has to do with my overall health. I have been diagnosed with asthma since I was a pre-teen, and have had medications for it for over 10 years. I was hospitalized twice in college for my lung problems, and at one point had a morning cocktail of 2 nasal sprays, 2 inhalers, a steroid, an antibiotic, and a probiotic. During this time, I also wasn’t even allowed to stay at my parents’ home because my doctors thought my inability to breathe had to do with a variety of factors relating to dust allergies, mold allergies, etc., etc.

About 2.5 years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was immediately put on medication for that and see an endocrinologist every 6 months to have my levels checked.

I should note at this point that I am the only member of my family that has been diagnosed with these conditions.

The second reason has to do with more recent stomach/digestational issues. Pretty much since I started taking Tirosint for my hypothyroidism, I have had some sensitivity in my stomach. I used to get terrible stomach aches that would leave me in the fetal position on the floor of my boyfriend’s apartment. So hawt. For a while, these issues seemed to go away and I went on eating and drinking as a “normal human”. Around this time I also decided to get mad skinny to audition for the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders so I went on a significant health kick that involved a gallon of water a day and lettuce for every meal.

I have never been a health guru and I have always had strict rules when it comes to my diet- for example, I’ll die before I choose whole wheat pasta over regular pasta, and I will never turn my back on my beloved bacon. Any one who knows me already knows that I loathe cheese and about 95% of dairy products already. The exceptions here are pizza, quesadillas, eggs, and ice cream. I’m an avid lover of coffee and cut half & half from my morning brew about three years ago. However, I still put skim milk in my cold brewz from Starbs cause I can.

I am not lactose intolerant by diagnosis. That is not a thing. It is fake news. Every human on the planet is essentially lactose intolerant because we weren’t designed to break down the enzymes found in most dairy products. There’s science out there. Google it.

Anyway, in the last 6 weeks or so, my stomach pains have returned. I get severe, stabbing- like pains in my stomach and am always nauseous. I won’t get into bathroom details but there’s issues there too. I was beginning to think that I only had these issues when I consumed alcohol, suggesting that I might have an allergy to the glutens found in beer. I’ve also gained a significant amount of weight in the last year. Now, lezzzbihonest. The weight gain probably has to do with my lack of going to the gym as often as I used to and my increased intake of chicken wings. BUT the point is, I realize I’m doing these things because of something else and admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?

Feeling frustrated about my health, I recently watched the Netflix Documentary, “What the Health“. You should do it. Go on… I’m an avid follower of Ali Maffucci on Instagram (she’s the woman who created the Inspiralizer, and she recently did a review on the documentary including her decision to go vegan many years ago. Since I’m a sucker for a good documentary, I watched it. And I am utterly disgusted. Now I knew there were some messed up business models in the fields of agriculture in the US, but I had no idea so much of the biological environment was effecting my health this significantly.

In the end, the documentary discusses the ability a plant-based diet has in almost completely reversing severe health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Honestly, some of the stories they followed are amazing. These people who had 7 medicines a day and walkers are completely free of their health problems (or over 50%) after just TWO WEEKS of a vegan diet. Yes. 14 days. Two weeks. All plant-based diet.

Looking for answers on my health, I couldn’t have found this at a better time. I didn’t want to go to another doctor, and I most certainly didn’t want more medications. So I decided that if these people could do it, so could I. And here we are.

Now I’m a realistic person and I know that I cannot completely quit meat cold turkey (see what I did there) for the rest of my life. So I’ve decided to go completely vegan for 2 weeks to cleanse my system, and then I will start an 80/20 balance of veggies to animal proteins in my diet.

I plan to begin this journey on Tuesday 7/18 or Wednesday 7/19, depending on when I can get to the grocery store. I ordered a week’s worth of all-vegan, pre-frozen smoothies from Daily Harvest to kick things off (again cause Ali Maffucci drinks them), and am excited to use them as a replacement to my beloved morning eggs and bacon.

Feel free to follow along on my journey and see how it goes!

XO- Christina


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